Outdoor Lighting and Audio Solutions for Clients in Castle Rock and Castle Pines, CO

Homeowners in Castle Rock and Castle Pines, CO need look no further for their outdoor lighting and audio systems.  Outdoor Ambiance has years of experience in designing and installing unique and personal outdoor lighting and audio displays for holidays, special occasions, or exterior upgrades.  Our staff of lighting and audio professionals has the experience and desire to develop a customized outdoor lighting and audio system that will provide enjoyment for you and your family for years to come.

Technology has changed, and we have the very latest in outdoor and audio equipment.  Sound systems can be hidden from view and lighting systems automated to work from an app on your smartphone.  Be the envy of your neighbors in Castle Rock and Castle Pines, CO!


We like to sit with you and work out a plan for your outdoor lighting display. To emphasize features of your home, we can create focal points like unique columns or eaves. But we will also include more safety conscious lighting like outdoor lighting for walkways, driveways, windows, door frames, and landscaping lighting around hedges or trees. And your outdoor lighting and audio system can be fully automated. A smartphone is all you need to control your customized outdoor lighting and audio display.


Homeowners of Castle Rock and Castle Pines, CO can be assured of safe and speedy installation of their outdoor lighting designs. We ensure that all electrical devices are safely connected in proper working order before we leave the job. And we have many options for attaching outdoor lights. All lights will be securely attached with minimal damage to your structure.


You need to enjoy your outdoor lighting design, not spend evenings and weekends troubleshooting issues which may arise. When Outdoor Ambiance designs and installs your outdoor lighting and audio system, you never go up or down a ladder again. Our staff of professional lighting and audio designers will replace bulbs or strings of lights and service sound systems, automated lighting, entire property Wi-Fi, video and security systems.