Outdoor Audio Solutions for Clients Throughout the Denver Area

An outdoor audio system.  The technology exists to upgrade your outdoor spaces with a permanent outdoor audio sound system.  Outdoor Ambiance, servicing the homeowners of the metro Denver, CO area, provides all the equipment needed to make your outdoor space serene on a Sunday morning or rowdy for your next get together.  If you have considered adding an outdoor audio/sound system to your landscaping, call us today to discuss a customized design for your space.  We can add a few high-end speakers or design and install a full immersive surround system complete with televisions.  In thinking about an outdoor audio system here are a few ideas to consider.

Benefits of Permanent Installation

Outdoor audio systems use outdoor grade speakers that are specifically designed to withstand the extremes of exterior temperatures and conditions.  We have experience with a variety of brands and options.  As part of our custom design for outdoor audio installation, we will choose those options which work best for your needs and budget.  We can permanently install an outdoor audio sound system which will function without being damaged by the elements.

The housings of outdoor grade speakers and equipment are designed with extreme temperatures, dust, insects, rain, wind, snow, sleet in mind.  Regardless of conditions, this equipment will not suffer weather or environment related damage.  Our professional team will use outdoor grade wiring and expertly hide the wires from view.  With outdoor grade equipment, you won’t have to temporarily set up an audio system only to have to dismantle it and bring it indoors.  Outdoor Ambiance, your local metro Denver, CO lighting and audio professionals, can design and install state of the art equipment for permanent use.  And we don’t stop at the installation.  Continual outdoor audio system maintenance is part of our service.

Further, an outdoor speaker audio system can fill your outdoor space with high quality music and television surround sound for you and your guests to enjoy all season long.  Most outdoor audio systems can be operated using a control app on your smartphone, so you need never be far away from your favorite music or programs.  A dedicated outdoor speaker system will not become obsolete, so it’s a great entertainment investment for your home.