Outdoor Christmas Holiday Lighting Solutions for Clients Throughout the Denver Area

The Christmas holidays create longer than usual to-do lists.  From shopping to cooking to decorating, many feel stretched to the limit.  But you are not alone.  Outdoor Ambiance has over 20 years of experience in assisting homeowners the metro Denver, CO area design and install holiday outdoor lighting displays.  Further, we can design and hide from view sound systems, outdoor automated lighting, entire property Wi-Fi, video and security.  We have customized solutions for all your holiday outdoor technology needs.

Why choose Outdoor Ambiance for Holiday Lighting designs?

Christmas holiday lighting is far more extensive than any year-round lighting you may have installed.  Frequently, you will want to light areas of your home and yard not usually enhanced.  We are the outdoor Christmas holiday lighting and audio professionals who can design displays that not only focus attention on specific areas of your home and yard; we can tailor a lighting design to match the architectural style of your home.

And this design can adapt.  Why have the same lights in the same presentation year after year?  The outdoor Christmas holiday lighting professionals of Outdoor Ambiance can design a different, updated light show display personalized for your home year after year.  Our designs will make your home a neighborhood “must see!”

We use the highest quality commercial grade LED lights to save money and energy during the holiday season. They last much longer than other types of lights, so you can leave your lights on all season long.


Not only do we plan the overall design of your holiday lighting display, we plan the installation of your outdoor lighting display. We install the lights with the correct wattage in mind to prevent blown fuses and light outages. We mount the ladders and attach all lights safely to roof and eave lines. We are bonded and insured which means we have the coverage necessary in case something goes wrong.


We put the lights up, and we take the lights down. But most convenient of all, we store the lights. No need for you to make room to store strand after strand of lights. Renting our lights gives you the opportunity to change your outdoor holiday lighting design year after year as you are not stuck with last year’s lights and last year’s design.


Our customer service does not end when the lights go up. We provide seasonal outdoor lighting maintenance. You can be assured that your outdoor holiday lighting display will remain operational. We guarantee our work. We are available to replace or repair any bulbs or strands during the season and troubleshoot any issues with sound systems and automated lighting.