Outdoor Lighting Solutions for Clients Throughout the Denver Area

Curb appeal means more than just landscaping and exterior upkeep of your residence or business.  Outdoor Ambiance has 20 years of experience in assisting home and business owners in the metro Denver, CO maximize their outdoor space for increased visual impact.  In addition, outdoor lighting provides added safety and security for you and your guests.  We are the market leaders in making your vision for your outdoor lighting a reality.


As we work together to plan your outdoor lighting installation in the metro Denver, CO area, we like to consider the following factors:

  • What are the exterior areas or objects you would like to light
  • The appropriate lighting techniques
  • The fixtures and accessories that will give exterior areas and objects the desired effect
  • Access to adequate power supply for all exterior lighting
  • Appropriate bulbs or lighting equipment for each area
  • Long-term outdoor lighting and audio system maintenance

Most common areas for Outdoor Lighting

  • Close to Home or Business Entrance: Illuminating side and rear entries to your home or business, as well as walls with easy access to windows, can discourage burglars.
  • Driveway Lighting: Highlighting driveways into your home or business with light improves safety and security.
  • Rear Yard or Entry Lighting: Floodlighting from your home or business structure helps discourage intruders and vandals. This lighting can be installed with automatic timers, photocells, or motion sensors.
  • Front Entry Lighting: Lighting doors and entrances into your home or business casts adequate illumination for guests or customers to see front steps.

Corley House with Fountain lighted up

Key effects to be achieved by Outdoor Lighting

  • Accent or Spot Lighting: Landscape spotlights focus a controlled beam to highlight the focal points of gardens, flowers, shrubs and statuary.
  • Grazing: This technique involves positioning a light close to an interesting surface such as the texture of tree bark, masonry wall, wood shingles or an attractive door.
  • Shadowing: As the names says, lighting is used to create a shadow effect. Objects are lit from the front and below to project intriguing shadows on walls or other vertical surfaces.
  • Silhouetting: Lighting landscape features from behind or below creates the effect of seeing those plants silhouetted against the sky.
  • Pool and Fountain Lighting: Water may be used as a mirror by lighting the area behind the surface. Additionally, dramatic effects can be achieved by underwater lighting.
  • Downlighting: In this technique, lighting units are attached high up on trees or the exterior structure to cast broad illumination over wide areas. This lighting enables you to completely illuminate your backyard and outdoor areas after dark for entertaining and increased security.
  • Cross Lighting: Interesting architectural features can be lit from two or more sides to create three-dimensional interest.
  • Up lighting: Lights aimed upward, or buried in the ground, create a dramatic effect.
  • Diffused Lighting: Spread lights over a wider area with low-level illumination to create a circular pattern of light on flower beds, larger shrubbery or ground cover.
  • Moonlighting: Like downlighting, but in this technique softer light sources are positioned high up to simulate the effect of moonlighting filtering through branches and trees.

Stone house with dark green doors and lights